Storm Damage

Storm Damage Repair and Restoration Services

Storm Damage

Living in Minnesota can be an adventure in many ways. The weather can change at the drop of a hat, and we sometimes experience all four seasons in one week. It can snow a foot and be 80 degrees in a matter of days, which wreaks havoc on our homes and businesses. With the ever-changing weather, it’s important to have a storm damage restoration company in mind just in case.

At Kiser Construction, our team is trained to handle all sorts of storm damage restoration projects that may crop up. We can quickly get to your property and begin an inspection. Our storm damage restoration experts easily determine the most prevalent damage and can then begin working with you to get your life back on track.

Like our other restoration services, we work with our customers’ insurance companies to make sure they are getting the proper care and coverage. We provide step-by-step updates to our clients, ensuring they are informed at all times.

At Kiser, our storm damage repair specialists are experts in wind damage, hail damage, flooded basements, damaged roofs, and more. Our team can even come out in advance to remove ice dams and go through the necessary steps to ensure your property can withstand drastic temperature changes and anything else the Minnesota weather throws at you.

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