When smoke damage is left behind after a fire, the scent of smoke and soot requires specialized tools and techniques to eliminate. Kiser Construction’s experienced fire restoration experts work quickly to clean smoke residues and other fire-related contaminants from your home or business before they cause permanent damage.

Restore Your Property After a Fire

When a fire occurs, the resulting smoke can cause significant damage to your property. At Kiser Construction, we offer professional smoke damage cleanup services to help restore your property and eliminate the lingering effects of smoke.

Our smoke damage cleanup services include:

  • Thorough assessment of smoke damage and customized cleanup plan
  • Removal of soot, residue, and odor from surfaces and belongings
  • Advanced cleaning techniques and equipment to effectively eliminate smoke particles
  • Air purification and ventilation to improve indoor air quality
  • Restoration of affected areas to pre-fire condition
  • Collaboration with insurance providers to streamline the claims process

Why Choose Kiser Construction?

  • 24/7 Emergency Response
  • IICRC Certified
  • Insurance Assistance
  • Quality Products & Craftsmanship
  • Affordable Rates
  • Free Inspections

At Kiser Construction, we prioritize your safety and well-being. Our experienced team is dedicated to exceeding your expectations and providing you with peace of mind throughout the fire restoration process. If your property has been affected by a fire, don’t delay in seeking professional restoration services. 

If you require immediate assistance, please call us on our 24/7 emergency line at 612-518-8852.

To learn more about how we can help, give us a call today at 763-633-2010 or fill out our contact form.