What Are Ice Dams?

Living in Minnesota exposes homes and businesses to extreme weather conditions, from frigid temperatures to scorching heat. During the winter, it’s crucial to monitor the condition of your home or business to prevent issues, such as ice dams.

Ice dams occur when warm air escapes into your attic, melting snow and ice on the roof. The water then accumulates in gutters and downspouts, but when temperatures drop, it freezes and forms a dam. This cycle of freezing and thawing can lead to damage in gutters and eaves, allowing moisture to seep into the attic beneath the roof shingles or boards.

Protect your property by addressing ice dams promptly, as their presence can result in further water damage and compromised structural integrity.

Ice Dam Removal

At Kiser Construction, we offer expert ice dam removal and steaming services to rid your home of hazardous ice dams. As a premier ice dam removal company, we take the time to properly steam the ice, removing the problem before it occurs.

If an ice dam is preventing the snow and ice melt from properly draining away from your home, contact Kiser Construction. By steaming the ice and removing the blockages, we can decrease the likelihood that your property will be damaged from the inevitable back-up of ice and snow.

Steam: The Best Way to Remove Ice Dams

Just a few years ago, using steam to remove ice dams was unheard of. However, this method is now the standard for professional companies. A steamer heats water to 300 degrees before the steam is forced through a hose and onto the ice dam.

The steam slowly melts the ice into small chunks that we can remove from your roof one small piece at a time. This method keeps the ice from tearing your asphalt shingles or damaging your metal roof surface. It is the perfect way to effectively melt ice quickly while incurring zero damage to the roof system.

Check out our feature on WCCO News in which project manager Brandon walks you through the ice dam removal process.

Why Hire a Professional to Remove the Ice?

Ice dams pose a significant risk, causing extensive damage to roofs and potential harm to people below. Attempting to remove ice dams yourself can lead to further damage or personal injury. Hiring a professional ice dam removal company, like Kiser Construction, is the safest and most effective option.

With specialized equipment and experienced crews, we use a professional steaming approach to slowly melt the ice, minimizing potential roof damage. Our qualified and insured contractors have successfully removed ice dams from numerous Minnesota homes.

We prioritize safety and take all necessary precautions to protect both our workers and clients, ensuring the integrity of your home’s roof remains intact.

Customer Testimonial

Hear from a customer who hired us after sustaining water damage from an ice dam.

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