1. Clean Gutters & Downspouts

  • Set up ladder on level ground only
  • Wear gloves to clear debris by hand
  • Rinse gutters with hose after clearing debris
cleaning clogged gutters

2. Pressure Wash Exterior

  • Before you begin pressure washing, seal any gaps around windows and doors first
  • Avoid washing areas where siding is damaged or missing
  • Use a safe and mild cleaning solution
pressure washing siding

3. Clean Up Yard & Gardens

  • Plant grass seed
  • Spread fresh mulch
  • Trim trees
    • Larger tree species should be trimmed by a professional
spring yard cleanup

4. Clean Area Around Foundation

  • Clear any debris away from foundation
  • Once clear, check for cracks in foundation and seal any you find with a waterproof caulk
foundation cracks

5. Clean Windows

  • Clean glass, screens, and frames
  • Replace any damaged weatherstripping
  • Seal any new gaps with caulk or weatherstripping
window screen

6. Scrape Chipping Paint

  • Exterior paint that is chipping or peeling should be scraped and re-painted to prevent water damage
  • If you suspect the paint is lead-based, call a professional for removal
chipping paint