Siding Repair and Replacement

It’s hard to know what kind of siding is the best for your home, but at Kiser we have plenty of experience and knowledge about the available options, and will work with you to make the right choice. We’ll transform the look of your home and instantly increase its curb appeal with new siding. Kiser works with a variety of siding manufacturers to provide several options for homeowners to choose from.

Kiser also does soffits, fascia and gutter installation, storm window and door installs, and window and door wraps.


Siding Care Tips

Just like your roof, cleaning and caring for your siding will extend its life and help head off early replacement costs.

Dirt and mildew shortens the life of siding. You can clean your siding with a bucket of soapy water and a soft-bristled brush attached to a long handle. You can also hire a professional cleaner, or rent a power washer, but be careful unless you know what you’re doing. Power washers can strip paint, loosen caulk, and even force water under the siding, where it can lead to trapped moisture.