• A hailstorm damaged my roof. Can I get a new one?

    Call Kiser as soon as you notice roof damage, or even if you’re not sure if your roof was damaged from hail or other weather incidents. We’ll send a project manager out right away to assess the damage, then work with your insurance company on all the details.

  • There are so many types of siding, I can't choose what's best!

    There are many varieties and styles of siding, and Kiser has the expertise to help you choose one that’s appropriate for your home. We’ll help you narrow down the choices by using factors such as budget, cost of ownership and color.



  • How do I go about making my home wheel-chair accessible?

    At Kiser we have lots of experience with home accessibility projects. We’ll assess things like counter top heights, door widths and ramps.. Let Kiser’s accessibility team take a detailed look at your needs and help develop a plan.